Workplace Mediation

office staff arguing

Do you need professional workplace (Civil and Commercial) mediation or internal investigation services? 

Resolving workplace disputes is made effective through the mediation services offered by TalkFirst Mediation. We empower employers and employees to collaboratively find practical solutions to conflicts within the workplace. Our service is characterised by independence, voluntariness, confidentiality, and professionalism, anchored in principles of impartiality, honesty, and integrity.

Upon engaging in discussions facilitated by a mediator, the conflicting parties openly share their concerns and identify common ground. Subsequently, a practical mediation agreement is drafted. While not a legal document, this agreement remains confidential unless mutually decided otherwise. Post-mediation, stakeholders involved should experience an improved working relationship, leading to a more productive work environment.

Resolving workplace conflicts and disputes is facilitated by an impartial, independent mediator or investigator. The involvement of an unbiased mediator assures both parties that the process is fair and objective, ensuring that no sides are taken. This impartiality enhances the likelihood of the parties willingly engaging in mediation, as they recognise the seriousness with which their employers are addressing the situation.

Mediation Process Overview:

– Individual introductions foster a connection between the mediator and the aggrieved parties.

– Explanation of the mediation process, managing expectations, and establishing ground rules.

– Securing the agreement of both parties to actively participate in the mediation process.

– Independently gathering accounts from all parties regarding the sequence of events leading to the conflict.

– Bringing all parties together for a constructive and respectful problem-solving dialogue.

– Identifying shared ground and areas of disagreement between the parties.

– Formulating agreements on common areas and addressing differing perceptions.

– Creating a practical working agreement plan.

– Clarifying the future roles of all parties and emphasising the confidentiality of the working agreement plan.