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Mediation Training

Mediation is a skill that can enhance the practice of many workers in customer-facing roles, from teachers and social workers to human resources staff, managers and volunteers.  Using mediation skills to prevent or de-escalate conflict, encourage listening, understanding and compromise can reduce stress, improve compliance and generate positive outcomes for those taking part. 

We can deliver a range of mediation skills training from a half-day awareness to 3 days of skills based accredited training.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

A recent trainee said “a well presented and interesting course. I now feel better equipped to deal with communication problems at work … and at home” 

It was easy to discuss things that were previously impossible to talk about. We worked through our problems and healed wounds. Mediation was the best decision I ever made. My relationship with my ex has improved and the ability to communicate is better. Mediation at TalkFIRST helped us a lot. Being able to talk with a 3rd person present to help us understand each of us understand each other more clearly. It was better to face and resolve the issues.


Conflict&YOU Workshops

Conflict&YOU is a day long workshop for children/young people aged 8 and up with the session tailored to the age and ability of the group.  The focus is to develop an awareness of conflict in everyday life, the causes and effects and skills to avoid and deal with difficult situations.

Suitable for schools, voluntary and community groups such as Guides, Brownies, youth groups and more.

Feedback from young people, “it was really good to understand why other children get into fights. I think I can help people not get so mad now”

“I liked the Bull, Mouse and Owl activities best. I will try to be an Owl”!

Costs will depend on the size of the group. Please get in touch for more information and to discuss your requirements.  ** please note, schools willing to dedicate a non-uniform day to raise funds for the charity will be entitled to a discount.

I have only positive things to say about mediation. I think as a family we all now think about what we are going to say, before we say it. It has minimised the conflict between us and our teenagers. It has made a big difference to all of us. Mediation at TalkFIRST helped us a lot. Being able to talk with a 3rd person present to help us understand each of us understand each other more clearly. It was better to face and resolve the issues.

Lynn and Greg

Accessing Our Services

To discuss any of our services and your requirements, please get in touch by phone or via the on line contact form.  

For our family – focussed services, we do not take direct referrals from professionals.  However, if you would like to call to chat about a case before passing our details on or supporting a client /parent etc to call please get in touch.

I was stressed and feeling anxious about family issues. But thanks to you helping and listening, I feel less stressed and me and my husband are working at our issues and relationship out.


Family Focussed Services

TalkFIRST provides the following services for families:


  • Helping separating and divorcing couples and those dissolving civil partnerships, to decide arrangements for children and agree how to manage property and finance issues.  This can as an alternative to court or help them reach agreement before application to court.

  • Working with families in a range of configurations work together to resolve conflict, repair damaged relationships and work towards a happier homelife/family.   Just about anyone who is important can take part, for example, parents, teens and children, step-parents, grandparents or siblings.

  • Teacher-pupil or teacher-parent to address factors impacting on the education of a child or young person.  


Supporting parent-child relationships:

Guided by The Solihull Approach, we work with parents who struggle with the behaviour of and relationships with their child.  Through this programme, parents better understand and tune-in to their children, communication improves, conflict decreases, and relationships recover.

Our work with parents can be 1:1 or group work.  We work with parents with children pre-birth – 17.

Our Services

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Conflict Resolution and Mediation

If you are experiencing conflict and having trouble communicating effectively about the issues at hand, our mediation service will help you do just that.


mediation Training

We offer a 1-day course, which is an overview of mediation and a CPDSO accredited 3-day course which will provide you with all the skills required to facilitate mediation and conflict resolution yourself.


Conflict&YOU Workshop

This is our accredited conflict resolution workshop for children in years 4 – 7, available to school classes and youth groups. Its purpose is to help children develop their conflict resolution skills at a young age.

Got a Question?


We do not take referrals from agencies. If you are working with a family who would benefit, please pass on our contact details and ask then to get in touch. You are of course welcome to call for to discuss a case or support a client/parent to make the call.

No. Mediation is a confidential services, we will not be able to pass on any information regarding the mediation, apart from whether or not it went ahead.

It is unusual for a professional involved with a family member to attend mediation. However ,it is dependant on the reason for mediation. The consent of everyone directly involved in mediation is needed if the attendance of someone else was to attend.

Yes, please give us a call to discuss.

Relationship work aimed at improving family life for parents and children. Please call for more information Jamie – I need to get some info together for this as it is a new strand of work. Could do with a page on it’s own. Is that OK?

Bespoke mediation training from half-day awareness to 3day skills based.

Conflcit &YOU workshops for children and adults.

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