Mediation Services for Solicitors
and Other Professionals

Accredited Family Mediation Council (FMC) service

At TalkFIRST, we understand the valuable role that legal and other professionals play in supporting parties to resolve their differences. We provide an accredited Family Mediation Council (FMC) service to offer an opportunity for solicitors and other professionals to help their clients resolve family issues following a separation or relationship breakdown.

Our mediation team has a wealth of experience in working with families in conflict, and we are registered under the Family Mediation Council Voucher Scheme. We provide a local, confidential, and impartial service that can be delivered in-person or remotely at our offices in Ince-in-Makerfield, where clients can expect a warm welcome during what can be a stressful, anxious, and emotional time.

We can also provide a clear summary of proposals reached during the mediation process, facilitating the subsequent preparation of draft orders and legally binding documents.



Child Inclusive Mediation

We offer Child Inclusive Mediation to give parents an opportunity to consider the thoughts, feelings, and wishes of their children during the mediation process. Through family mediation, your clients can design their own blueprint for future communication and cooperation, with control over their mediation agenda, conversation, and outcomes. We support them to explore all their options and reach a mutually agreeable plan for their separated family life.

Accessing Our Services

Working in Partnership with Local Solicitors for Independent Legal Advice At TalkFIRST, we understand the importance of having access to independent legal advice during the family mediation process. That’s why we work closely with a number of trusted local solicitors who have a deep understanding of our team, our experience, and our ability to handle high conflict cases.

Our partnership with these solicitors allows them to offer their clients the option of using our well-established and professional mediation service as a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to going to court. With our help, clients can often resolve issues related to children, finance, and property within just three or four sessions, while still being able to refer to their solicitor (once or twice) for legal advice and document preparation.

Family divorce

Useful Resources


National Association of Child Contact Centres

NACCC is the only charity in the UK dedicated to solving this problem by providing safe spaces where children can meet the parents they don’t live with.

Tel: 0115 948 4557


Child Maintenance Service (CMS)

Child maintenance covers how your child’s living costs will be paid when one of the parents does not live with the child. It’s made when you’ve separated from the other parent or if you’ve never been in a relationship.

Tel: 0345 266 8792


(Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service)

Tel: 0300 456 4000

Got a Question?

If you are unsure whether a matter is suitable for mediation or may benefit from it, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss. We welcome referrals by telephone, email, or post, and we are happy to hear directly from your clients.

No. Mediation is a confidential services, we will not be able to pass on any information regarding the mediation, apart from whether or not it went ahead.

It is unusual for a professional involved with a family member to attend mediation. However ,it is dependant on the reason for mediation. The consent of everyone directly involved in mediation is needed if the attendance of someone else was to attend.

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