Customer Feedback

We love to hear about your experiences post mediation. What worked? What didn’t? Where has your journey taken you.

All identities have been changed to protect individuals. All stories are true.

“TalkFIRST who are a great organisation who helped us out no end.

We were going through a bad time with one of our daughters after covid. We were going through it like a lot of people and it led to a break down of our family. Or at least that is where it was heading.

We were reaching out for help to the school and the authorities and someone put us on to TalkFIRST. We went and saw Dave Coghlin who really just allowed us to share everything we were going through, listen and give us some ideas. And we’re in a much better place for that.

We were able to go and sit with Dave and we could listen to each other. Which is what we weren’t doing and it allowed us to move forward. So I cant really thank TalkFIRST and Dave enough for what they did for us.”