Take Time To Talk

The way we conduct relationships has the ability to influence every area of our lives.  Not getting on with people important to our lives, whether a teenage son or daughter, adult sibling or our child’s other parent is stressful and can lead to a range of problems including anxiety, a struggle to manage day to day decisions, how we cope at work or school, or manage money.

Take Time To Talk is a project for families, who want to reduce conflict in a relationship and improve understanding, communication and cooperation.

A trained facilitator will help you reflect on the situation, consider what has gone wrong and why, and understand what is needed to get the relationship to a place that does not place additional strain and upset on all those involved or affected.

Parents and children/teens:

We will work with either parents alone, or with their children – or a combination to aid understanding of each other’s role in the relationship, see things from each other’s points of view and decide how individual responsibilities to achieve a happier home life.

Young person mediation
Ex Partner Mediation

Separated parents:

The chances are, as separated parents, you will be in each other’s lives for the rest of your lives.  The children you have together will need you   manage many aspects of parenting together, from attending school events, to deciding which university they will attend.  They may want you both to attend their gradation and you’ll both want to be at their wedding and at your grandchild’s christening!

By getting on with your ex, you will give your children the greatest gift separated parents can give.  The trauma a child experiences when mum and dad don’t communicate well, can have a lasting impact.   

Many parents we talk to tell us they live with stress and worry every day because of their relationship with their ex. Making subtle changes, can relieve you and the children of that stress and make day to day life better for all of you.