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How to avoid conflict on Social Media

Don’t post personal information about your partner

What you post about yourself is your own business but posting personal information about anyone else is an invasion of their privacy, it’s nobody else’s business and could potentially cause embarrassment.

Don’t air your dirty laundry in public

If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties at the moment, sharing it on social media is not going to help because it could lead to other people getting involved in the arguments, which could ultimately lead to bad feelings towards either or both of you.  Keep your arguments to yourselves and find a way to work them out without involving other people. 

Don’t post photos of your other half without their permission

You might think a picture of your partner giving it ZZZs with their mouth open on the sofa is funny but they might be embarrassed by it.  Ask them first and only post it if they agree.

Think first before you tease someone on social media

You may think your comments are funny – and they may find it funny too in person, but it’s very difficult to convey the tone of a comment in writing and sometimes things come across very differently.  Other people may not understand the joke and see it as mean-spirited.

Don’t post vague complaints about your partner

If you have a problem with your partner, tell them in person rather than making vague passive aggressive comments on social media that they will inevitably realise are about them.

Don’t make comments on social media about your partner’s ex

Posting negative comments about your partner’s ex will make you look insecure.  Your partner is with you now and that’s all that should matter to you.  If your partner’s ex posts nasty comments about you, ignore them.  They want you to respond; don’t rise to the bait.

Past relationships are in the past.  Your relationship is in the present….enjoy it and look forward to the future.

Don’t fall for scams

There are hundreds of social media clickbait posts that promise to tell you how compatible you and your partner are, how many children you will have, etc., etc.  They are not going to tell you anything you don’t already know – what they will do is get information from you that they will use to try to sell you stuff you don’t need.  You don’t need social media to validate your relationship.

Finally, don’t share details of your love life

Seriously…nobody cares!!  It’s private between the two of you and that’s how it should stay.