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Problems at home

Lots of families experience stress and conflict, sometimes resulting in arguments; often, these can be sorted out.  However, in some cases, relationships have broken down to the point where people are unable to talk to each other, they have lots of arguments and feel unhappy.

Through mediation, TalkFIRST can help you and your family talk things through, listen to each other and decide how you are going to make family life better.  This might be you and your parents, sisters and brothers, a grandparent or step parents.

It was easy to discuss things that were previously impossible to talk about. We worked through our problems and healed wounds. Mediation was the best decision I ever made. My relationship with my ex has improved and the ability to communicate is better. Mediation at TalkFIRST helped us a lot. Being able to talk with a 3rd person present to help us understand each of us understand each other more clearly. It was better to face and resolve the issues.


Contact with a parent

When parents are no longer together, it can be difficult for some young people to stay in touch or have regular contact with the parent they don’t live with.  

At TalkFIRST we can help you and your parents (both or just one) talk about your relationship and what each of you need to make sure it is as good as possible.

I have only positive things to say about mediation. I think as a family we all now think about what we are going to say, before we say it. It has minimised the conflict between us and our teenagers. It has made a big difference to all of us. Mediation at TalkFIRST helped us a lot. Being able to talk with a 3rd person present to help us understand each of us understand each other more clearly. It was better to face and resolve the issues.

Lynn and Greg

Problems at school

Sometimes when young people have difficulties at school, it can be relationships that get in the way of progress.  This might be how you get on with a teacher or other member of staff, or another young person.

Mediation can help you understand each other better and decide on a plan to help you resolve the conflict and focus on managing school life or coping with lessons.

I was stressed and feeling anxious about family issues. But thanks to you helping and listening, I feel less stressed and me and my husband are working at our issues and relationship out.


Our Services

How we help


Conflict Resolution and Mediation

If you are experiencing conflict and having trouble communicating effectively about the issues at hand, our mediation service will help you do just that.


mediation Training

We offer a 1-day course, which is an overview of mediation and a CPDSO accredited 3-day course which will provide you with all the skills required to facilitate mediation and conflict resolution yourself.


Conflict&YOU Workshop

This is our accredited conflict resolution workshop for children in years 4 – 7, available to school classes and youth groups. Its purpose is to help children develop their conflict resolution skills at a young age.

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Mediation is a process of helping people who struggle to talk to each other about difficult things. A mediator will be involved and help you to say what you want, listen to each other and decide how to improve the situation in a way that suits everyone involved. Mediation can help with all sorts of relationship and communication problems including talking to parents, resolving conflict with other family members, or at school. It is often used to help parents who are separating/divorcing to sort out things such as money, children and a family home.

You can talk about more or less anything that bothers you or the other person. If you decide mediation might be able to help you and your situation, you can talk to your mediator first about what you want to say.

No, it is up to you if you want a trusted member of staff at school to know, we won’t tell them.

Yes, if you decide to take part and speak with a mediator 1:1, we will not pass on anything you say to the other person/people. We won’t tell anyone you are working with is or divulge any part if what is discussed in mediation. But, if we are worried about your safety or wellbeing or about another person, we might have to talk to someone so we can make sure everyone is safe. If we do need to talk to another person, we will tell you first.

Yes. Everyone who takes part in mediation has an individual meeting with their mediator to talk about what is happening and make sure that mediation is the right option.

No. It is important that the mediator stays impartial. They will not tell you what to do or say but might ask questions, make suggestions or help you to think differently and listen.

Mediation is less about who is right or wrong and more about deciding what to do about a difficult situation and a reaching agreement about how things will be.

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