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Grandparents have always had a big part to play. Sometimes you can be the first people to miss out on seeing your loved ones when parents fall out with you or each other.

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Separating Parents


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Family Relationships

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Separating Parents

When parents divorce or separate children can experience a range of emotions such as upset, confusion, anxiety and anger.

Grandparents can be in a good position to help children cope with change and manage their feelings.

Children need to know:

  • It’s not their fault
  • That they are loved
  • That they have someone to talk to about what is happening and how they feel.

Whilst it is often a difficult time for grandparents too (they might also want to ‘take sides’ and have strong emotions. It is vital that in a supporting role they listen without criticism of either parent, even if their child voices their own conflicting loyalties.

It was easy to discuss things that were previously impossible to talk about. We worked through our problems and healed wounds. Mediation was the best decision I ever made. My relationship with my ex has improved and the ability to communicate is better. Mediation at TalkFIRST helped us a lot. Being able to talk with a 3rd person present to help us understand each of us understand each other more clearly. It was better to face and resolve the issues.



If you feel unable to contact the adults who care for your grandchild, or communication is difficult, mediation can offer you the chance to meet in a neutral environment and, with the help of an impartial mediator, talk through the issues.   

A mediator will meet with each of you separately before, if everyone agrees they arrange a joint mediation to help you focus on what is right for your grandchildren and what needs to happen to reach your agreed goals.

I have only positive things to say about mediation. I think as a family we all now think about what we are going to say, before we say it. It has minimised the conflict between us and our teenagers. It has made a big difference to all of us. Mediation at TalkFIRST helped us a lot. Being able to talk with a 3rd person present to help us understand each of us understand each other more clearly. It was better to face and resolve the issues.

Lynn and Greg

Your Rights

Grandparents have no automatic right to be part of their grandchild’s life.

Mediation can help reduce conflict between family members after separation or divorce, by bringing everyone together and focusing on the needs of the child.  This is often the best way for you and your grandchildren to resume contact.

If this is unsuccessful, the court can be approached to make a child arrangement order. This will happen if the court considers it to be in the best interests of the child.

I was stressed and feeling anxious about family issues. But thanks to you helping and listening, I feel less stressed and me and my husband are working at our issues and relationship out.


Family Relationships

When family relationships show signs of strain, it can be a worrying and upsetting time. Often when people are in conflict, they stop saying what they mean (often resorting to arguing, insulting or saying nothing at all). TalkFIRST can help families talk together and work through their issues. By listening, compromising and negotiating with the support of an impartial mediator, people can come to a better understanding and work out what they can do to begin to repair relationships.
Examples are older parents and their children, grandparents and grandchildren, siblings or even none-blood relationships.

Our Services

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Conflict Resolution and Mediation

If you are experiencing conflict and having trouble communicating effectively about the issues at hand, our mediation service will help you do just that.


mediation Training

We offer a 1-day course, which is an overview of mediation and a CPDSO accredited 3-day course which will provide you with all the skills required to facilitate mediation and conflict resolution yourself.


Conflict&YOU Workshop

This is our accredited conflict resolution workshop for children in years 4 – 7, available to school classes and youth groups. Its purpose is to help children develop their conflict resolution skills at a young age.

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Grandparents have no automatic rights to see their grandchildren, however mediation is a great way to open lines of communication and talk about what has gone wrong and how to improve relationships so the important grandchild-grandparent relationship can be re-established.

You are able to apply to the courts for contact in your own right. You will need evidence that you attempted or considered mediation, any Family Mediation Council accredited mediator can provide you with the form needed.

The courts will look at your situation, hear what everyone things and rule in the favour of what they think is best for the children.

More information is available about getting contact with grandchildren here:

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Yes, family mediation is not just about contact, separation and divorce. Providing everyone is willing, we can help facilitate conversations around many issues that will help reduce conflict and repair relationships.

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