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1:1 support for parents

Supporting parents in the perinatal stage, from  conception to child’s second birthday – known as the first 1001 days, on a 1:1 basis with a range of issues that impact on their mental health and wellbeing, and that of their child. 

Our Tou-Can group for parents and children

We regularly hold play groups for parents and children (dates can be found on our social media HERE.

The aim of the group, to support good parenatal mental health is met by provision of a safe, inclusive and warm weekly group where parents (and grandparents) can:

  • Meet other parents to develop peer support and friendships
  • Access 1:1 support from our Tou-Can workers for specific issues or general wellbeing chats
  • Engage in activities with their child designed to promote interaction and develop the parent-child bond

What our Tou-Can parents say

Good to talk to others and share experiences”

“I get dressed on a Wednesday”

“My mental health hasn’t been good since lockdown, being pregnant and giving birth then was hard. Coming here has really helped”

“It’s really good for me, makes me go out”


The group is at zero cost to parents, recognising that many parents are finding the economic demands on family life hard to bear currently, and they should not be faced with a decision to attending their group or buying essentials.  A donation tin is available for those who can make a contribution.

One parent said, “it’s great that its free. It means I don’t have to worry about coming”

We support parents at  other groups in the Borough too, Amanda and Sarah have had added a different dimension to groups where the primary focus is the child.  NWe have asked the facilitators of these groups what they think of this kind of support as an add-on to their usual provision:

“Amanda has reached out to our families (some vulnerable) at the centre offering lots of valuable advice, signposting to the right areas, and sometimes just a listening ear, the people using our facility have really opened up to Amanda”

We’d love anymore feedback you may have too – FEEDBACK FORM

Postivi-TEA drop-ins

Positivi-TEA is a  drop-in benefiting parents attending Chapter One café at a local library,  and their ‘Lets Pretend’ group for parents and tots, to provide a listening ear, support and advice over a cup of tea or coffee.

The  thoughts of the main host organisation: “It’s a real pleasure to work in partnership with the ‘Positivi-tea’ drop-in and we are excited to work together more to support parents, children and families in our local community. The drop-in coincides brilliantly with the sessions we have running currently and many of the parents in the ‘Let’s Pretend’ session come to join Sarah when it finishes and really benfit from having that person to talk to and to listen to them”

We’d love to get involved in more groups in the Borough, let’s work together, use the button below and get in touch.