MIAM £50

Your initial meeting with a mediator is often called a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and usually last 30 minutes. 

The first meeting with a mediator gives you the chance to find out how mediation works.  We are trained to work and your family to determine whether mediation is right for you. 

We can also give you information about other services that provide help and support and the other options you might have to resolve things.


Joint Mediation – Child Arrangements £170

Mediation sessions usually last for 90 minutes.

A mediator can help you and your ex-partner agree on child arrangements, without taking sides.

We are not relationship counsellors. We can help you agree on the details of how you’ll look after your children, such as:

where they live, the time they spend with each parent, when and what other types of contact take place (phone calls, emails, whatsapp for example) and child maintenance payments (previously known as CSA).

Mediation can also help you decide how you are going to make co-parenting work.  Poor communication and frustration  between co-parents often get in the way of being ‘parents together’, increasing stress, upset and worry for you and the children.  


Joint Mediation – Property, finance and all other issues. £170

Whether you are married, unmarried or in a civil partnership , when you separate there are likely to be financial matters that will have to be sorted before you can move on.

Some people will be able to deal with matters without assistance, but the majority want to make sure that they have addressed everything fairly, and find it helpful to use a neutral mediator.

Some people will want to seek legal advice at the point of separation, but it can be hard to obtain accurate advice until there is a clear understanding of all the family circumstances, assets, liabilities, pensions, income and expenditure.


Mediation Summaries £50


Write up of Parenting Plan £100


Outcome Statement (both for child arrangements and for Property and Finance) – £100


If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for mediation thorough Legal Aid.   You will be able to find out whether or not you are eligible for Legal Aid from the following websites:

Unfortunately TalkFIRST does not provide mediation through Legal Aid.  Please check below for family mediators in your area who do provide mediation through Legal Aid


All costs are per person, whether in person or via Zoom.  Aside from MIAM, most other costs are split between you.


If required we can be flexible with time to suit you. Please contact us to discuss. 


Covid-19 Update 😷

During the current Covid-19 situation, our office is closed however we are still open for business.

If you would like to talk about how you could mediate via video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, etc.) or would like support with difficult relationships, managing children/teens during lockdown and beyond, contact us on 07462 607023 or email [email protected] for more information.

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