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What is a MIAM?

If you are in the process of separating or divorcing and cannot reach agreement with your ex, before you can go to court to settle matters, the court requires you to meet with a family mediator for a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting).

The reason for the meeting is to establish whether mediation is suitable in your case.  Mediation is much cheaper and less stressful than having to go to court.

The courts will ask for proof that you have considered mediation before they will consider your application.

At the MIAM, which will last around 45 minutes, the mediator will help you consider how to deal with your dispute without involving a court. 

The mediator will explain mediation is, the benefits of mediation, whether or not you could apply for legal aid, how much mediation would cost in comparison with going to court and will look at your options.

The cost of a MIAM will differ.  At TalkFIRST, our price is very competitive.  Give us a ring if you would like more information.

After the MIAM, the mediator will advise you of the next stage.  If mediation is appropriate, the mediator will arrange a mediation session involving both you and your ex-partner.  If mediation is not deemed to be appropriate and you wish to go to court, the court will request a certificate, signed by an accredited mediator, to evidence that you have considered mediation.  TalkFIRST can provide the certificate at a very competitive cost.

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